Diane offers annual Retreats at her favorite Spa Resort in Safety Harbor, Florida. This charming town is one of the best-kept secrets in the Tampa Bay area.

Magical things happen in enchanting settings. Situated on 5 natural mineral springs, and founded in the 1500s by Spanish explorer, de Soto, the quaint town of Safety Harbor has healing properties galore.

Pictures from Last Retreat

Yes, of course, this Retreat will bring initial relaxation and a good detox, but it will set you on the path to sustainable relaxation after you return home.


  • Fly into Tampa Bay

  • Arrive at resort by 11am

  • Welcome Lunch at Noon

  • Overview of the weekend

  • You'll have some time to yourself to relax after traveling

  • Session #1 with Diane: Learn To Be Still

  • Dinner


  • Sunrise Gentle Stretches Beachside

  • Breakfast on the Patio

  • Morning Session #2 with Diane: Overcome The Overwhelm

  • Spa Indulgences

  • Lunch

  • Personal Time

  • Beachside Sunset Session #3 with Diane: Creating A Life By Design

  • Gourmet Dinner at our favorite French Bistro


  • Breakfast In Bed

  • Morning Session #4 with Diane: Turn Down The Noise

  • Morning Gentle Stretches Beachside

  • Build Our Vision Boards for 2020

  • Lunch On The Veranda

  • Free Time or Shopping within walking distance

  • Sunset Session #5 with Diane: Lessons From A Butterfly

  • Dinner and Retreat Wrap Up

Enjoy breakfast in bed, gentle sunrise stretches on the Ocean Bay, gourmet meals, indulgences at the world-class Spa, beachside coaching sessions with Diane, and so much more!


Start your year Off Strong! 

When you leave this Retreat, you will:

  • Discern between effortful and effortless living and see how to relax into your life more

  • Be much less susceptible to overwhelm, burnout, or a feeling of futility

  • Learn how to build your life by design and enjoy the process! 

  • Feel so much more confident and self-assured in the world

  • Become a magnet by attracting business to yourself with greater ease

  • Make beautiful friendships with the women on this Retreat. 

  • Create your best Vision Board yet for 2020! 

Diane found reprieve here nearly a decade ago, by accident, during a very stressful time. She now enjoys bringing high-producing, professional ladies here for a weekend of graceful coaching and connection. 

I am so thankful that I attended this retreat.  What a beautiful trip in so many ways.  It was emotional and joyful and overnight I could feel a big change coming and a clear perspective on what I wanted to do.  

Sharing personal experiences can be difficult, especially with people you barely know, however it connected us in a spiritual way.  We all face very similar challenges and hearing it from other ladies reinforces that we are not alone. 


I left with excitement, clearer focus than I have ever had, and expanded my network of friends!  Who could ask for more?  I highly encourage other women to invest in themselves and take this journey with Diane!



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