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Faith-Based Political Talk Show


3pm CT


"Conservative women are worried about the kind of world their children and grandchildren will grow up in if America's founding values continue to dissipate. 

As a result, there's a dramatic increase in women becoming politically involved. 

Women are the heart & soul of America and are now becoming the driving force in turning our nation back to conservative values.


Those values are not old-fashioned. They are rooted in God's word, which is timeless.


Returning to them is our nation's only hope, so...

Quitting is NOT an option.

My Daily Talk Show:

Builds Women of Influence:

  • I'll break down the complexities of politics into bite-sized nuggets, making them easier to understand & discuss

  • I'll teach women how to find common ground with people in their communities, and attract more neighbors to our conservative values without the conflict

  • Together, we'll help stop the progressives from gaining ground with their radical agendas and indoctrinating our kids

Connects Women To Eachother:

  • I'll help conservative women locate one another in their communities

  • Teach them how to work in sync with other women's groups to increase their influence both in their communities & legislatively

  • Increase each woman's personal courage by giving her a greater sense of strength in numbers 

My Nana used to say, "If you want something done and done right, give it to a woman".


Together, we will hold the line for conservative values in Tennessee!"


Warmly, Diane



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